Our team of coders is finally finished with the new project: WhatsApp Hack. Tool developed in aim to spy accounts of this messaging application. You can easily trace any chats and calls of your chosen contact(s) while staying completely undetected. There are options to text with their contacts as well, update status message & profile pictures. Means you can pretend to be person to whom you hacked account.

Whatsapp Hack

Important Update:

We have updated the tool and renamed it to “WappRazor“. You can download it from its official website by clicking the button below.

WappRazor | Hack & Spy WhatsApp Accounts

* Works with all smartphones & desktop operating systems.
* All countries supported.

Why this program is made

There are many reasons we decided to make this app. So let’s explain why.
At first it was just a challenge. Because we are authors of many “hacking” type tools you can find around the internet like RATs (Remote Administration Tool), botnets, game mods, decrypters and such, we decided to make a “brute-force” like application for some social networks sites, and here is the one for WhatsApp.

Other reasons are for let’s call it for “ethical” manners. For example as a parental control help, to make easier for parents to check if their children are under online threat by some pedophiles and such.
Relationship status checking – Many people wants to check if their partner (spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend…) is cheating on them. This software can be so useful in these situations.
Version 1 has been closed from further updates. Please download the latest one at the files page.

How this is possible

You have probably heard the famous quote from hacking world which says: “Nothing is 100% secured.” And this is always true. In life, there is always someone who is stronger then strongest one. That’s how it goes. It’s same with WhatsApp. It can be the most famous instant messaging application at this time, but everything always have its vulnerability. You just have to be skilled enough to detect it. Because we are in this field since when internet just got born, we know how it functions, how and when it’s best time to take an action(s), how to make right tools for right needs and so.
In short, with using special tools made by us as well, we managed to detect a loophole in WhatsApp’s security database and patched it. Inserted our undetected “worm” inside their system so that’s how our hack tool manages to connect to each account and drain information like chat logs and spy calls from.

Terms of Usage

To cover law rights and justify existence of this website and its applicaion, you have to agree with terms added below before you decide to download the WhatsApp Hack.

– You agree to use this tool just for personal and educational purposes, and only next activities are allowed to perform with it: Parental control & monitoring employees (With their previous agreement). Any other purpose you decide to use will be at your own responsibility.

– This website & software is not affiliated with official WhatsApp Inc. (Facebook) in any way. All registered trademarks such as their name and graphics materials are property of their respective authors and we use them just as informational purpose.